Quotations from book reviews of
Die Arztpraxis in Krise und Insolvenz
(Medical practices in crisis and insolvency)
  • "In this time of increasing numbers of insolvent independent medical practices, this book is what is needed... Corporation law, criminal law, and tax regulation aspects round off this successful book that can be recommended without any reservations."
    - Michael J. W. Blank, lawyer, NZI 2008, S. 85 ff.

  • "All the authors are experienced experts in insolvency law, most of them lawyers who have established a nationwide reputation by their work. With this book they shut the aforementioned gap in an exemplary way. It must be emphasized that the authors succeeded in writing a judicial book that is comprehensible to the medical practitioner but also a helpful working tool for the counseling lawyer in his or her professional proceedings. Therefore, this book can be recommended without any reservation."
    - Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Zuck, lawyer, GesR 2007, S. 439

  • "The comprehensive research as well the detailed knowledge and practical experience of the authors make this book the exclusive adviser for medical practices experiencing crisis and insolvency."
    - Joachim Schütz, lawyer and legal adviser to the Deutscher Hausärzteverband e.V., Der Hausarzt 15/07, Book recomendations

  • "The doctors affected as well as curious readers are informed - in a short, but quite understandable way despite the "legal deutsch" - on all aspects on the reasons of excessive debts and the possible further steps. This book is a practical guide indeed and can encourage all people affected."
    - Diana Niedernhöfer , Ärztliche Praxis 2007, S. 18 ff.

  • "In the boundary region between insolvency and medical law, this guide is a very welcome novelty - a worthwhile investment to the debtor (medical practitioner or dentist) as well as to the adviser and the receiver - that we can recommend without any reservation."
    - Olaf Messner, Director of the Rosenheim district court,ZVI 2007, S. 336

  • "They also emphasize the book's claim of deducting the right therapy from an intelligent, in-depth diagnosis while at the same time fascinatingly pointing out the risks and collateral effects - that may sometimes even offer a viable solution!."
    - Prof. Haarmeyer, ZInsO 2007, S. 537 ff.

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